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Berkelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Pertanian dari Universiti Putera Malaysia.

Pernah menjadi guru Fizik dan menjadi penolong kanan sekolah menengah iaitu Sekolah Menengah Ayer Baloi Pontian.

Ketika masih berkhidmat sebagai guru beliau telah mengikuti pengajian perubatan Homeopathy di Bertendage Forest School, diperingkat diploma dan Bachlor Homeopathy Med Sc hingga tamat dan berjaya menjadi pengamal Perubatan .

Beliau meneruskan pengajian di bidang Homeopathy hingga peringkat Phd dan mendapat anugerah Professor dari The Open International University, Colombo sewaktu menjadi pensyarah Electronic Homeopathy Medecine di Electronic Education Academy, Kuala Lumpur, Kolej Afilied The Open International University di Malaysia.

Kini beliau telah memiliki klinik Homeopathy di Bandar Baru Pontian.

Ilmu Fizik dan Homeopathy amat berkait rapat dalam aspek gelombang infrared.

Ilmu tentang kajian gelombang diluaskan lagi dengan kajian otak tengah atau Mid Brain. Kini beliau menjadi penasihat kepada Syarikat Real Minds yang sememangnya menumpu kepada kajian ini.

Dalam persatuan perubatan Homeopathy beliau menyandang jawatan Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Sains Perubatan Homeopathy Negeri Johor.

By: Dr. Mumazaini Misri, PhD.

Homeopathy is a system of medical treatment, which had been practised since 200 years ago. It was fond by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann from Germany, and its contribution in medical field is undeniable. Thousands of people practising this type of treatment all over the world. A lot of cases, which failed to be solving through Allopathic treatment, had been successfully healed through Homeopathy. However, this achievement was not enough in convincing mainstream scientist as they continuously questioning and doubt the doctrine of the principles used in Homeopathy. The failure to apply the sciences theories in understanding Homeopathic is the main reason for the crisis. This articles attempt to give a clear picture on the application of wave theory in order to explain the similimum principles and minimum principles – the two main principles which become the foundation of the doctrine in Homeopathy.

Wave Theory And Similimum Priciple

Wave is resulted from a vibrating system. There’s a lot of wave known in sciences, such as sound wave, electromagnetic wave, and water wave. Each of living creatures has a vital force, which emitted a type of wave called bio cosmic pattern. This wave will transfer the energy, which made it vibrating, and the energy transferred depends on the amplitude and frequency of the wave. The higher the amplitude and the frequency, the higher the energy will be transfer. Amplitude is the absolute value of the maximum displacement from a zero value during one period of an oscillation. Frequency is the number of cycles or completed alternations per unit time of a wave. All waves have a similar characteristic, which can be reflected, deflected, diverted and interfered. The wave interference is the principle use in healing process of Homeopathy.

Wave Interfernce

Interference is two or more coherence waves combine to reinforce or cancel each other, the amplitude of the resulting wave being equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the combining waves. Coherence is pertaining to waves that maintain a fixed phase relationship. The combination of two amplitude waves at the superposition point is similar to the sum of displacement vector of each amplitude wave.

Positive or constructive interference will occur when two peaks of coherence wave meet and a bigger combination of amplitude will be resulted. In oppose, destructive or negative interference will took place when peak wave meet with trough wave and combination of amplitude will turn zero.

Bio Cosmic Pattern

Each living creatures have one type of energy named vital force, this energy differentiate between living creatures and the dead one. Vital force enable body system to resist any form interruption from the outside of body such as bacteria, virus and fungus activity.
Vital force resulted a vibration with fixed wavelength and frequency. However its amplitude will change together with the changes of the total energy of body system. The type of wave resulted known as bio cosmic pattern or BCP. When a person infected by a disease, his total vital force will change as well as the amplitude of his bio cosmic pattern. Thus, in order to restore his health back to the normal, the total number of his vital force must be restoring back to the origin quantity

Homeopathy Remedy And Diseases Healing Process

In Homeopathy, the healing process was done by giving the similimum remedy to the infected patient, this treatment apply the principle in which the similar remedy the similar one or simila similibus. This principles works in way when a healthy person takes the remedy or the medicine, it will released a symptom similar with the symptom experienced by the patient who was infected and undergo a treatment.

According to kinetic theory, all substances contain atoms or molecules which permanently vibrating. This vibration will create electromagnetic energy pattern (EMEP) with certain frequency. Homeopathy remedy has this EMEP and Variable energy potential pattern or VEPP. The VEPP amplitude can be change by modifying the VEPP energy or it’s potency. In the preparation of Homeopathy Remedy, it can be done through the process of serial dilution along with succession at each stage of dilution.

If the EMEP frequency of a particular remedy similar with the frequency of the bio cosmic pattern of the patient, so both of these frequency is two coherent wave which can create a superposition and eventually it will produce a negative interference. As a result, the vital force will be restoring to the normal and the patient will be recover.
The reaction between EMEP waves with the patient’s bio cosmic pattern wave,

which is similar, will create a superposition of negative interference and the combination amplitude will turn to zero.

Wave Theory And The Principle Of Minimum Dose

Smaller dose (minute) will increase the power of healing – is one of the principles uphold in Homeopathy which is absurd in the eyes of allopathic pharmacology. The ability of healing in the allopathic medicine will increase by adding the dose or the concentrated of its active drug. In almost the similar process, the ability of Homeopathy remedy will increase along with the increasing of its potency. This doctrine gives a credit in Homeopathy because the dilution process will vanish the toxin.

Homeopathy remedy can be found in the form of mother tincture or Q and potency, the usual potency use are 1X, 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, CM until MM. 1X stand for 1cc of mother tincture mixed with 9cc of solvent followed by succession, whereas 1c stand for the similar process in which 1cc of mother tincture mix with 99cc solvent.

The laboratory research conducted had clarified the pharmacology effect of dose minute. Floray in his study reported that, the penicillin which undergo the dilution process of 1: 50 000 until 1: 100 000 had proved affected on the growing process of micro organism in vitro. In the dilution process 1: 250 000, it indeed effected on morphology streptococci. Human body produce 50 until 100 ppm thyroxin per day and the normal concentrated hormone of human body is 10 000 ppm in blood plasma. (Wurmser and Loch, 1948) It shows that at the potency below 12c, Homeopathy remedy still gives pharmacology effect, and this is the principal how Homeopathy remedies at the potency less than 12c work.

According to Avogado theory, the numbers of molecule for 1-gram mol are 6.0253 x 1023. It show that at the dilution process exceed than 10 23, the molecule of the remedy in the solute are no longer exist. Allopathic Pharmacologist used this point to questioning how the Homeopathy remedy at the potency exceed that 12c or at the dilution process higher than 10 23 still give treupathic effect.

However, it is once again to be stressed here that the power of Homeopathy remedy is resides in the solvent or medium not the solute. Several study proved the existence of the effect of vigorous shake or succession in the process of potentization on the solvent.

Boerick and Smith in their study used the technique of Resonant magnetic nuclear or NMR in order to investigate the differences among a 12 X dilution of sulphur prepared with succession at each stage of dilution and a 12 X dilution of sulphur prepared without succession. (Boerick and Smith, 1968) They found out the differences on the light spectrum, which they pass on each solution. According to this research, they reported that:

“…Some of energy is imparted by succession to homeopathic drug, resulting in slight change of the alcohol in these dilutions. There is a structural change in the solvent as the potency is made from the tincture to a higher dilution when the solvent is 87% alcohol…”

Young however repeated Boericke research by using 60 MHz Perkin – Elmer R-12 nuclear magnetic resonant spectrometer. He observed changes in 87% alcohol as a result of serial dilution and succession. Dilutions of sulphur, from 5X to 30X, with succession at each stage, showed measurable changes in the spectra at each stage of dilution and successions, and the changes followed the sinusoidal curve. (Boerick and Smith, 1968) He also found that this effect wouldn’t be found at:
I. A serial dilution of 87% alcohol without sulphur followed by rotation at each stage instated of succession.
II. A serial dilutions of 87% alcohol without sulphur and not followed by succession or rotation at each stage.
III. A serial dilutions of 87% alcohol without sulphur and followed by succession at each stage.
IV. A serial dilutions of 87% alcohol with sulphur with rotation at each stage
V. A serial dilution with neither rotation nor succession.

The increasing of energy in the dilution, which was potentates, can be explained with the concept of resonance and positive interference wave. Resonance is the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system.

Resonance occurred when amplitude-vibrating system is at maximum and the energy will also transferred at the maximum level. When the solvent, which contain the remedy, is follow by successions, resonance will occur, and the wave amplitude of the remedy will be at the maximum level. By adding the solute in the solvent it will form EMEP of the solute in the solvent. The vigorous shaking of the solution will caused resonance to the EMEP in the solvent, thus the EMEP amplitude solute will be at maximum. In the meanwhile, the frequent shaking will cause the remedy wave is form in the solvent to be in superposition of positive interference for many times.

According to quantum theory, the energy released by the wave at a certain amplitude as E = hf. Where h is plank constant and f is the frequency of the wave. The energy possessed by a wave is proportional to the square of its amplitude or E  a2, where E is the energy and ‘a’ is the wave amplitude. Thus the energy which form in the serial dilution with potentate will increases with its number of potencies.

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